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Chandler Burr, MA Biography

Perfume Critic & Columnist at New York Times
Pro to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“[T]he trait profiles of the two [handedness and sexuality] are extraordinarily alike, and virtually everything we know about the one, we know about the other. Neither left and right-handedness nor hetero and homo-sexual orientation can be identified simply by looking at a person. Since both are internal orientations, the only way to identify them is by the respective behaviors that express them, motor reflex and sexual response.”

A Separate Creation, 1996

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  • Perfume Critic & Columnist, New York Times, Aug. 2006-present
  • Former Business Writer, Fortune and Fast Company magazines
  • Former Political Writer, New York Times Magazine
  • Former Contributing Editor, US News & World Report
  • Former Journalist, Christian Science Monitor’s Southeast Asia Bureau, Manila
  • MA, International Economics and Japan Studies, Paul H. Nitze School, Johns Hopkins University
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