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Family Research Council Biography

Con to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“…what do we really know about the science of behavior? Not much. Scientific studies have done more to confirm the complexities of human behavior than they have to isolate specific causes. …

Scientists have not even come close to proving a genetic or biological cause for homosexuality, yet homosexual activists continue to say that sexual activity between members of the same sex is ‘just the same’ as race or gender. Using ‘biology’ as a stamp of legitimacy, activists have pushed for special rights, from sex-partner subsidies to ‘gay marriage’ to adoption. Without scientific evidence to support such claims, it is wrong and dangerously misleading to say that people are born homosexual and cannot change.”

FRC website, Sep. 2003


An organization designed to drive the national debate on family issues.


“The Family Research Council (FRC) champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society. FRC shapes public debate and formulate public policy that values human life and upholds the institutions of marriage and the family. Believing that God is the author of life, liberty, and the family, FRC promotes the Judeo-Christian worldview as the basis for a just, free, and stable society.”

FRC website, Sep. 2003

In 1983, the Family Research Council incorporated as a nonprofit educational institution in the District of Columbia.