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      Government Reports and Peer-Reviewed Studies
Official vetted reports from international government bodies (such as the United Nations and the European Union), foreign governments (federal level agencies such as France’s Ministry of Justice, South Africa’s Ministry of Health, or Japan’s office of the Prime Minister), and US government agencies (state, federal, and quasi-government agencies including the Smithsonian Institution, the National Academy of Sciences, and Legal Services Corporation) and peer-reviewed studies from academic journals (such as Science, Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, etc.) tend to have multiple editorial and ideological filters, and they normally receive rigorous review from experts before being formally issued.

“Human Genetics publishes original and timely articles on all aspects of human genetics. Topics covered include: gene structure and organization, Gene expression, Mutation detection and analysis, Linkage analysis and genetic mapping, Physical mapping, Cytogenetics and Genomic Imaging, Genome structure and organisation, Disease association studies, Molecular diagnostics, Genetic epidemiology, Evolutionary genetics, Developmental genetics, Genotype-phenotype relationships, Molecular genetics of tumorigenesis, Genetics of complex diseases and epistatic interactions, ELSI (ethical, legal and social issues) and Bioinformatics.”


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