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Joel Roth, PhD Biography

Rabbi and Louis Finkelstein Professor of Talmud and Jewish Law at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS)
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Rabbi and Louis Finkelstein Professor of Talmud and Jewish Law, The Jewish Theological Seminary, 1968-present
  • Head of School, Conservative Yeshiva, Jeruslam, Israel
  • Former Dean of Students, The Rabbinical School, JTS and Seminary College, JTS
  • Former Director of the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education, JTS
  • Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, a body governing Jewish laws (Chairman for 8 years), 1978-2006
  • PhD, Talmud, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1973
  • Ordained Rabbi, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1968
  • MA, Jewish Theological Seminary
  • BS, Wayne State University
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Quoted in:
  1. Does Judaism Accept Same-Sex Behavior?