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Mark Yarhouse, PsyD Biography

Rosemarie Scotti Hughes Endowed Chair of Christian Thought in Mental Health Practice Professor at Regent University
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“[R]esearch indicates that the causes of same-sex attraction and a homosexual orientation are complex, influenced by a variety of contributing factors. Some of the factors that have been studied and considered include biological, socio-cultural, interpersonal and environment influences.” (accessed Sep. 7, 2006)

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Rosemarie Scotti Hughes Endowed Chair of Christian Thought in Mental Health Practice Professor, Regent University, 2002-present
  • Core Team Member, Reaffirming Marriage Initiative, Marriage Law Project, Ethics and Public Policy Center, 2000-present
  • Co-Director, Marriage and Family Research Initiative, Regent University, 2000-present
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Psychology and Theology, 2000-present
  • Clinical Associates of Tidewater, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1999-present
  • Member, American Counseling Association, 1999-present
  • Member, American Psychological Association, 1998-present
  • Editorial Board Member, The Family Journal, 1998-present
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Family Violence, 1998-present
  • Editorial Board Member, Marriage & Family: A Christian Journal, 1998-present
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology, Regent University, 1998-2002
  • PsyD, Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College, 1998
  • MA, Theological Studies, Wheaton College, 1997
  • MA, Clinical Psychology, Wheaton College, 1993
  • BA, Philosophy and Art, Calvin College, 1990
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