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Mike Pence, JD Biography

United States House Representative (R-IN)
Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“Of great concern to me is that hate crimes laws could be used to target religious groups… [T]he danger here is that people use a hate crimes bill to silence the freedom of religious leaders to speak out against homosexuality. The road we could be led down is one in which pastors, religious broadcasters and evangelical leaders who are speaking their own personal convictions could be prosecuted under hate crimes statutes.”

“Pence Offers Religious Freedom Amendment to Hate Crimes Bill,”, Apr. 26, 2007

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • United States House Representative (R-IN), 2001-present
  • Chairman, House Republican Conference
  • Co-Chair, Congressional Task Force Against Anti-Semitism
  • Member, House Committee on Foreign Affairs – Subcommittee on Middle East and South Asia
  • Member, House Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • Former Chairman, Republican Study Committee
  • Named one of the top 20 most influential conservatives in America, London Daily Telegraph, 2007
  • “Man of the Year” award recipient,, 2005
  • Talk Show Host, The Mike Pence Show, Network Indiana, 1994-2000
  • Radio Talk Show Host, WRCR-FM, 1995-1999
  • President, Indiana Policy Review Foundation, 1991-1994
  • Attorney, private practice, 1986-1990
  • Admissions Counselor, Hanover College, 1981-1983
  • JD, Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis, 1986
  • BA, History, Hanover College, 1981
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