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Mission to America Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“As Christians we do not condemn those who have a tendancy toward homosexuality, just as we do not condemn a sociopath who respects other people. However, just as we do not accept the wrong behavior of a sociopath, we do not accept the wrong behavior (sexual relationships with the same sex) of homosexuals. Marriage, which involves consumation of a relation with physical with sex, between two people of the same sex involves wrong behavior. Just as we condemn a sociopath, not because they are a sociopath, but because of their wrong behavior, we also condemn homosexual behavior and condemn homosexual marriage as wrong.”

“Homosexuality,” website (accessed Oct. 2, 2008)


“Mission To America is a Bible-based evangelical internet mission serving North America.”

“About Us,” website (accessed Oct. 2, 2008)


“Our specific mission is to the people of America. Our goals are to:

— Provide information about a Christian response to current events, cults and other religions.

— Help ‘Christians’ in America, who look and act no different from non-Christians, to understand why there should be a difference.

— Find strategies and provide resources that will help people in America to repent and put their belief Christ as LORD and savior.

— Develop resources Christians can use to improve their lives, their ability to follow Christ, and their ability to be disciples for Christ.

— Help people to know the will of God.”

“About,” website (accessed Oct. 2, 2008)

501(3)(c) nonprofit corporation
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