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None Found to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

No position found as of Dec. 2004


“The largest independent Jewish magazine in North America”

“History of Moment,” Moment Magazine website (accessed Feb. 25, 2008)


Moment Magazine, dedicated to serious, highly-literate, intellectual journalism, provides the American Jewish community and other readers with a much needed independent forum that is not tied to any organization or point-of-view. Moment is committed to portraying intellectual, political, cultural, and religious debates within the community, and to educating readers about Judaism’s rich history and contemporary movements, ranging from left to right, fundamentalist to secular. Through a high level of civil discourse, Moment strives to counteract anti-Semitism, promote Jewish continuity, and encourage constructive, meaningful discussion about Jewish life and civilization. There is no other American magazine that can reach out to and include such a wide spectrum of American Jews, sparking intelligent conversation on issues so crucial to the Jewish future.”

“The Moment Mission,” Moment Magazine website (accessed Feb. 25, 2008)

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