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Muzammil H. Siddiqi, PhD Biography

Religious Director, Islamic Society of Orange County
Con to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“Those who insist on this lifestyle, consider it legitimate and feel ‘gay pride,’ we should not associate with them and should not take them as friends. We should certainly avoid those people. If we see a person who has committed this sin and wants to repent then we should help that person as much as we can to get out of this evil. We should not leave him/her to the temptations of Devil.”

“Islamic Manners in Dealing with Homosexuals”, on, 2004

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Religious Director, Islamic Society of Orange County
  • President, Islamic Society of North America, 1996-2000
  • Member, Islamic Society of North America and the Fiqh Council of North America
  • Board of Trustees, National American Islamic Trust
  • Member, Executive Board of Majlis al-Shura of Southern California
  • Weekly columnist, Pakistan Link newspaper
  • PhD, Comparative Religion, Harvard University, 1978
  • BA, Islamic and Arabic Studies, Islamic University of Medina, 1965
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  1. Does Islam Accept Same-Sex Behavior?