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New Direction Ministries Biography

Not Clearly Pro or Con to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“We consider the question of causation to be an unnecessary point of disagreement between the Christian community and the gay community. Our understanding of current research indicates that there is no singular, conclusive causative factor – but that a complex combination of both physiological and environmental factors may impact different people to different degrees. We challenge a simplistic, reductionistic focus on environmental factors such as family dynamics or childhood sexual abuse.”

“What Makes Us Different,” (accessed Apr. 12, 2013)


In the twenty plus years that the ministry has been serving the individual and the church, our society and culture have changed dramatically. Having been a member ministry of Exodus International since the beginning, New Direction left Exodus in 2007. This decision was made in light of our distinct identity and no longer fitting an ex-gay paradigm of ministry…

At New Direction, we believe God is calling us to engage our culture in a winsome manner and with transformational impact. New Direction is a credible, relevant resource demonstrating a commitment to Christ-centered hospitality. We promote respectful dialogue, compassionate service, and engagement.

We seek to be a catalyst within the Christian community to be proactive in reaching out and ministering the love and grace of Christ in the lives of our gay neighbours.

“What’s Our Story,” (accessed Apr. 12, 2013)


“Nurturing safe and spacious places for those outside the heterosexual mainstream to explore and grow in faith in Jesus Christ.”

“What Are We About,” (accessed Apr. 12, 2013)

New Direction for Life Ministries of Canada, Inc. is a registered charitable organization under the laws of Canada. Registration number: 131172116RR0001
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