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Noah Michelson, MFA Biography

Executive Editor of the Gay Voices blog at the Huffington Post
Pro to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“[W]hat we do with our attractions and how we perform them is a choice. I chose to come out of the closet. I choose to have sex with men. I choose to rarely go to gay bars. And so on and so forth. But I didn’t choose to be gay.

In fact, I tried my damnedest to not be gay. There is really no way for me to explain how badly it sucked to grow up queer in small-town Wisconsin in the ’80s. If I could have chosen to be straight, I would have. And I did try. I spent my study hall periods in ninth grade writing letters to God asking him to make me straight. I spent my nights lying awake, trying with every ounce of my being to convince Jesus to materialize at the foot of my twin bed and take my sick queer desires into his sacred pink heart, where they’d be vanquished and I could finally date a cheerleader and be just like every other guy in my school. When, after I’d been trying for months, it didn’t happen, I spent the rest of my freshmen year considering the different ways I could kill myself…

Though I agree that it should not matter how we are oriented, whether from birth or from choice, and that our access to equal rights and our freedom from punishment should not be contingent on us being ‘born this way,’ I do believe we are innately oriented.”

“Why This Man’s Claim That People ‘Choose’ to Be Gay Isn’t Just Total Bullsh*t — It’s Dangerous,”, Jan. 31, 2014

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  1. Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?