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Proceedings of the Royal Society Biography

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      Government Reports and Peer-Reviewed Studies
Official vetted reports from international government bodies (such as the United Nations and the European Union), foreign governments (federal level agencies such as France’s Ministry of Justice, South Africa’s Ministry of Health, or Japan’s office of the Prime Minister), and US government agencies (state, federal, and quasi-government agencies including the Smithsonian Institution, the National Academy of Sciences, and Legal Services Corporation) and peer-reviewed studies from academic journals (such as Science, Nature, New England Journal of Medicine, etc.) tend to have multiple editorial and ideological filters, and they normally receive rigorous review from experts before being formally issued.

A peer-reviewed journal published by the Royal Society:

“As the UK national academy of science founded in 1660, The Royal Society plays a crucial role as the champion of top quality science and technology. It does this by:

  • funding 380 of the brightest professorial and postdoctoral science researchers who perform cutting edge research across the science, engineering, technology spectrum
  • stimulating international interaction through the provision of a range of grants to support 3000 visits and joint projects each year
  • producing a series of authoritative statements and reports which provide incisive advice to government and the public on key issues in science and technology
  • publishing top class scientific journals and maintaining a richly resourced history of science library and archive
  • devising a highly proactive science communications programme comprising meetings, lectures, exhibitions aimed at specialists and non-specialists
  • promoting science education and awareness
  • rewarding scientific excellence by electing to its Fellowship the most distinguished scientists in the UK and the Commonwealth and by awarding medals and prizes to scientists throughout the world for work of distinction.By virtue of its independent status and its body of some 1300 Fellows and Foreign Members covering all scientific disciplines, the Society is uniquely placed to represent the interests of top quality science and technology in its interactions with government, the public and the media. It adopts a high profile on issues which are vital to scientific progress and is taking an increasingly prominent position in furthering the role of science, engineering and technology in society by facilitating constructive dialogue between scientists and non-scientists.”

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