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Republican Policy Committee Biography

None Found to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

No position found as of Dec. 2004


“Every Tuesday that the Senate is in session, Republican Senators gather in the Capitol for a policy lunch meeting, hosted by Chairman [Ensign]. This is the one scheduled time each week for all Republican Senators to gather and discuss issues before the Senate, review the anticipated agenda, and discuss policy options.

Republican staff directors of the Senate committees meet weekly in the Policy Committee office to review pending issues. The RPC also hosts weekly briefings for Republican legislative directors as well as meetings with outside speakers and policy experts to facilitate discussion on key issues and explore new ideas for legislative action.”

“About RPC,” committee website (accessed Feb. 20, 2008)


“RPC prepares a Legislative Notice for every major bill awaiting Senate Floor action that includes a summary of the bill provisions, related background information and anticipated amendments. The notices are placed on each GOP Senator’s desk on the Senate floor and delivered to each Senate Republican office.

The experienced policy analysts at RPC also produce in-depth research papers on many of the complicated and controversial issues facing Congress. A variety of shorter papers are distributed on timely issues as they arise. All RPC policy papers and legislative notices are posted on the RPC web site within 24 hours of their release.”

“About RPC,” committee website (accessed Feb. 20, 2008)

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