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Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) Biography

Con to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“[T]he most credible research to date on homosexuality – and research conducted years ago – demonstrates that no one is ‘born gay.’ The homosexual is suffering from a developmental problem, which frequently starts out in childhood as gender confusion, family dysfunction, or molestation… There is hope for homosexuals through developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, through both religious and secular counseling programs, and through support groups that provide accountability for those struggling with same-sex attractions and self-destructive behaviors.”

“Born Gay,” (accessed Apr. 29, 2010)


“Traditional Values Coalition is the largest non-denominational, grassroots church lobby in America. Founded in 1980, by Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, Chairman, TVC has sought to empower people of faith through knowledge.”

“About TVC,” (accessed Apr. 29, 2010)


“With an emphasis on the restoration of the values needed to maintain strong, unified families, Traditional Values Coalition, focuses on such issues as religious liberties, marriage, the right to life, the homosexual agenda, pornography, family tax relief and education…

TVC believes America’s strength is in her churches. Pastors and their churches are not barred by law from being involved in the making of public policy. Traditional Values Coalition provides a multitude of information for Christians and pastors, to equip them with the information they need to be educated on issues and on the representative form of government.”

“About TVC,” (accessed Apr. 29, 2010)

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