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Pro to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“Make no mistake that opponents of marriage rights remain active and vocal, but they are increasingly shrill and seen as being on the wrong side of history…

With more and more Americans accepting our relationships, opponents of equality will continue to find themselves outnumbered and relegated to the sidelines. It’s inspiring and surreal to watch. As Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler has repeatedly said, in another 20 years, all 50 states will have marriage equality. It’s inevitable.”

Kevin Knaff (Washington Blade Editor), “A Tipping Point on Marriage,”, Feb. 17, 2011


“The Washington Blade was founded in 1969 as a black and white, one-sheet community newsletter distributed in D.C.-area bars. In October 2009, the Blade celebrated its 40th anniversary as an award-winning news source with a large following in print and online. Readers locally and around the world have come to rely on the Blade’s unmatched coverage of LGBT news, earning the paper the moniker ‘the newspaper of record for the LGBT community.’

In November 2009, the Blade’s former parent company filed for bankruptcy and the paper was shuttered on Nov. 16. But the community immediately stepped in — advertisers, writers, professionals from all backgrounds — and thanks to an outpouring of local support, the staff carried on the Blade’s important work. On Nov. 20, the former Blade staff debuted a new publication, DC Agenda, which was published weekly until April 23, 2010 by Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, a new locally owned business created by publisher Lynne Brown, editor Kevin Naff, sales executive Brian Pitts and other former Blade staff members.

The company acquired the assets of the Washington Blade in bankruptcy court and brought back the Washington Blade brand effective April 30, 2010.

Whether you read us in print, online at, via Facebook or follow us on Twitter or on your mobile device, the Washington Blade continues to serve the D.C.-area LGBTQ community, while covering all the national and international news important to our lives.”

“About,” (accessed May 17, 2013)


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