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William C. Young, PhD Biography

Former Professor of Anatomy at the University of Kansas
Pro to the question "Is Sexual Orientation Determined at Birth?"

“The data are uniform in demonstrating that an androgen administered prenatally has an organizing action on the tissues mediating mating behavior in the sense of producing a responsiveness to exogenous hormones which differs from that of normal adult females…

“The results are believed to justify the conclusion that the prenatal period is a time when fetal morphogenic substances have an organizing or ‘differentiating’ action on the neural tissues mediating mating behavior. During adulthood the hormones are activational.”

Cowritten with Charles H. Phoenix, Robert W. Goy, and Arnie Gerall, “Organizing Action of Prenatally Administered Testosterone Propionate on the Tissues Mediating Mating Behavior in the Female Guinea Pig,” Endocrinology, Sep. 1, 1959

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Recipient, Howard Crosby Warren Medal for outsanding contributions to behavior by the Society of Experimental Psychologists, 1965
  • Founder, West Coast Sex Meetings, 1965
  • Chairman, Department of Reproductive Physiology and Behavior, Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, 1963-1965
  • Visiting Professor, Anatomy, Harvard Medical School, 1956
  • Associate Professor, Anatomy, University of Kansas, 1946-1963
  • Instructor, Cedar Crest College, 1943-1946
  • Scientist, Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology at Orange Park (FL), 1939-1943
  • Assistant Professor, Biology, Brown University, 1932-1939
  • Instructor, Biology, Brown University, 1928-1932
  • PhD, University of Chicago
  • Died in 1965
  • Married Ruth Hobby in 1934